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Our coconut sugar is 100% organic and non GMO, which means there is no chemicals nor preservatives added, and there is absolutely no genetic modification. We adhere to USDA and EU international organic standards.
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Test Tabs Our Stories

About Coco Sugar Company

Our Location

At the Heart of It All

Our company is located in Banyumas region, the center of organic coconut sugar production in Indonesia where its use has been deeply ingrained in the culture and it can be traced back for thousands of years. The deep understanding about the people and culture in this region coupled with international organic certification standards position us as the leading supplier of organic coconut sugar and nectar.

Dealing with No Middle Man

Having our company's headquarter and operations in Banyumas region, our organic coconut sugar and nectar are shipped from the same location they are produced. ​​It means you will always deal directly with us - never a middle man. If you are​​ looking for the best quality organic coconut sugar at the best price, you have come to the right source.


Our Facility

State of the Art Central Processing Unit

PT Coco Sugar Indonesia has state of the art facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice standards. We invest heavily in our infrastructure with long term vision to make sure that everything that comes out of our facility consistently have the highest quality possible.


Vertical Integration

From Our Organic Farmers to You

We directly work with our organic farmers on daily basis to create the highest quality organic coconut sugar and nectar. We give our farmers continuous trainings in organic farming practices, from how to organically fertilize the coconut tree until processing the coconut sap according to international organic standards.

This control of the supply chain means we can consistently maintain our high quality standard while reducing cost and increasing efficiency.


Social Responsibility

We Want to Do Good

Indonesia has the largest area with coconut trees and more than 90% of it is owned by farmers. We are talking about grassroots movement with our organic farmers to produce the highest quality organic coconut sugar and nectar while enabling them to have better income through fair trade. It is our responsibility to make sure that our organic farmers can also enjoy the boon of global trade.


Quote by Ghandi

Gandhi Legacy

[Production of coconut sugar] is a way to solve the world's poverty. It is also an antidote against misery.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi, 1939